Business profiles: “Tiny” Lee, the computer giant at CTL Evolution Computing

ZZ Tiny Lee“Tiny” stands 6′ 9″ tall and has hands the size if pancakes, so it’s hard to imagine him working with all those little screws that hold a computer together but somehow he does.

Connie Lee (his real name) was born at home, in Mississippi, in 1946 at the same time when his father was reading about baseball player Connie Mack.  When Tiny’s mother asked what they should name their son, his father suggested Connie.

“When I was growing up,” Tiny recalls, “Johnny Cash had a hit song called ‘A Boy Named Sue.’  I hated that song.” But as he grew larger and larger, fewer people teased him about his name. About 30 years ago a friend gave him the moniker Tiny and it stuck like glue.

Tiny moved to Miami, Florida in 1968, and later on to Cape Coral, Florida where he met his wife Linda, who was a medical assistant. They have been married 16 years. “I like tall men,” says Linda, who is 5′ 8″, “So when I saw Tiny the first time, I went right over and introduced myself.”

Tiny’s fascination with computers started in 1993 when computers had 286 processors, 512 kilobites of memory, 10 megabite hard drives and ran Windows 3.1. He enjoyed finding out how they worked, and most importantly, how to fix them when they broke.  He started CTL (Connie Tiny Lee) Evolution Computing to do computer hardware repair, software installation and training in 1994 and built a substantial business in Cape Coral.

So why did they relocate here?  “Linda is a Florida girl.” Tiny says.  “So we moved here to East Tennessee in November of 2013 so Linda could see the seasons change and we love it here.”

Since moving to Sevierville, Tiny has created a niche for himself fixing older computers. “I love to work on older systems. Old computers with Windows XP can be just fine. If you like it, you don’t have to change. I can fix it and keep you with what you are comfortable with. Not everybody needs a $3000.00 computer. It depends on what you want to do with it. I like to help people spec out what they need on the front end, not just after they have a computer and something goes wrong with it. Here is a case in point; a lady got the “FBI virus” and had to pay $300.00 to fix it. I can stop that from happening to you. People are afraid of their computers, but I can help make it possible for you to have confidence because everything is backed up.”

What advice does Tiny give his clients?  “When you buy a computer now,” Tiny says, “they do not come with install DVDs.  If people don’t burn a restore disk they are done for. And since your entire life is on the internet now, you need to keep it backed up and protected. The same goes for your cell phone. Your whole life is on that thing. If you have a business computer, lock it down. Don’t let anyone use it to surf the internet or play games. Your livelihood is on that computer.”

Tiny loves flying and was a big ultra light aircraft enthusiast when he lived in Florida. Since then he has moved he has changed his hobbies to guns, fishing, and gardening. But by far his passion is woodworking. He makes beautiful breadboxes, toy boxes, and 3-d cutting boards.

For computer issues, repairs, instruction or backup issues, Tiny can be found at or (865) 285-7067.  His favorite saying is, “There are no stupid questions.” So don’t be afraid to ask.

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