Sugarlands Cellars issues black bear label to raise money for Appalachian bear rescue

Cubby Wine Label imageBy Michael Williams

Eagle Springs Winery and Sugarland Cellars plans to raise $10,000 to help the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the black bears that inhabit the park with the introduction of special edition wines.  The winery is partnering with local artists who are designing the labels for the wines.

The first of these wines, Cubby, is an Italian-style red varietal adorned with black bear label art by G. Webb. This wine will debut at Eagle Springs Winery on September 23rd to benefit the Appalachian Bear Rescue. Sugarland Cellars will release Autumn Path, a red muscadine featuring a Robert A. Tino bear cub on the label, on September 27th to support Friends of the Smokies. A $5 donation from every purchase of Cubby and Autumn Path will go to these nonprofits with 1,000 bottles of each wine available.

Cubby continues G. Webb’s strong relationship with Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR). “ABR needs support from the community. They are a one of a kind organization,” Webb explains. Likewise, Robert A. Tino is a longtime Friend of the Smokies.

He describes Autumn Path’s expressive bear cub. “My bears are all self-portraits. I paint them instead of people and their emotions.”

Autumn Path is the ninth Tino-Sugarland wine in a series that has already raised $45,000 to preserve the national park. Eagle Springs Winery hopes to replicate that success for ABR.

ABR’s President Emeritus Tom Brosch says, “We are extremely proud of this partnership. This wonderful donation will help us return orphaned and injured black bear cubs to the wild where they most certainly belong.”

Jim Hart, President of Friends of the Smokies, explains the importance of buying the wines as soon as they are released. “There are only 1000 bottles of each wine available and all of the previous editions have sold out quickly. They have done a lot of good for Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”

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