Connie’s Kitchen: easy breakfast muffins

Connies KitchenBy Connie Emmons

The summer begins and then the sleep overs begin.  Your family gets bigger for a brief time.  This easy recipe will let the kids and your guests take part in making breakfast.  The beauty is that everyone can build their own creation and everyone gets to eat together.  From a simple to a sophisticated palate the options and imagination can create masterpieces.  You say there is not enough room for all that you want inside your breakfast muffin?  Use a jumbo muffin pan and cook longer. Don’t be afraid to top it off.  Add cheese, smoked salmon or any other topping for a few minutes at the end of cooking.

If you are pressed for time in the mornings this recipe can be made ahead and warmed up quickly for breakfast on the go.  Some of my favorites are sausage with green chili peppers, or if you made pizza lately and have left over ingredients try this with some of those and top them near the end of cooking with your marinara sauce and cheese.  This is a great family fun recipe that only needs a little help from and adult for the oven phase.

Easy breakfast muffins

Pre heat oven to 400

Spray a muffing pan generously with non-stick spray

6 slices of sandwich bread

3 eggs

1/3 cup half and half

Fillings (such as ham, vegetables, cooked sausage crumbled or cooked crumbled bacon)

cheese optional

salt and pepper

Line 6 muffin cups carefully with sliced bread. Put a small amount of filling in each cup.

Whip eggs and half and half, add salt and pepper. Slowly and carefully pour egg mixture into the center of each piece of bread and slowly push bread down along the edges until they are now longer above the pan. Add remaining egg mixture. If some spills into the empty cups or around them just wipe away with a paper towel. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes until set. Add cheese on top if desired and cook for about 2 minutes more. Remove from oven, running a fork around the edges, scoop them out onto a plate. These can be made a head of time and warmed up as needed.

(Connie Emmons is the owner and chef of the popular restaurant, Connie’s Kitchen, in Seymour, Tennessee. She appears as the frequent guest chef on Knoxville’s Channel 10’s top rated afternoon show, Live at Five at Four. She is also known as the creator of unusual and delicious recipes.)

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