“True Detective” eyes director for upcoming second season

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Last year, the world was was blown away by the incredible narrative spun from first year HBO project “True Detective.” The series followed two detectives played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as they attempted to solve the case of a serial killer of women in the swamps of Louisiana.

After the wrap of the first season and its massive success for HBO, series creator Nic Pizzolatto announced that the second season of the show would be very different from the first. A whole new cast of characters and brand new locations would be used for the next season of the show, as a brand new story was told.

In recent weeks it has been revealed that the next season will take place in Los Angeles, and rumors surrounded many actors for who will take the three leading role positions. Colin Farrell (“In Bruges,” “Daredevil”), Taylor Kitsch (“Battleship,” “Friday Night Lights”), Vince Vaughn (“Old School,” “Wedding Crashers”) and Elizabeth Moss (“Mad Men”) as well as many others have reportedly been asked to star in the new season.

While it is not known just who will be taking the lead roles in the show as of yet, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that according to its sources, a director has been found to film Pizzolatto’s next batch of scripts and it appears that Emmy Award winning director of the first season Cary Fukunaga will not be in it. Now it appears that HBO is going with an even more well known name in “Fast and Furious” director Justin Lin.

Lin is well known for his blockbuster action movies, but has also had a taste for television as well. He’s been behind the camera for several episodes of “Community.” One episode of his in particular, “Modern Warfare,” a comedic spoof of action movies revolving around a schoolwide paintball game, received rave reviews and was on many critic’s lists as the best television episode of 2010.

However, for True Detective and Lin fans alike, it appears that unlike last season, where only one director was used, in Fukunaga, this year the job will be split up between a group of director’s, and while budgets for the new episodes have not yet been announced, it is widely assumed that with Lin’s involvement and his penchant for high budget, high action films, there should be a ramp up in action sequences for the two episodes he is reported to be helming.

  Filming for season two of “True Detective” is set to begin this coming April in hopes for a fall 2015 premiere.

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