Country music legend Leroy Van Dyke continues into his 59th year

ZZ Van Dyke performing while in the army in Korea

Van Dyke performing while in the army in Korea/photo submitted

By Melissa Mathews

Leroy Van Dyke is thought to hold the record for most repeat-performance bookings of any working country music entertainer and is known by fellow musicians as the most professional act in country music. He continues to impress buyers and audience members alike while taking part in the “Country Gold Tour,” featuring legendary country entertainers.

Van Dyke is the only internationally known entertainer who is also an internationally known licensed auctioneer.  “Auctioneer” was written solely by Van Dyke while living in a squad tent during his stint in the U.S. Army.  Leroy was a Special Agent, U. S. Army Counterintelligence Corps, in Korea.  The debut single, in 1956, became an instant multi-million seller, then Leroy struck pay dirt again when he released his next mega hit in 1961 with “Walk On By.”  “Walk On By” stayed at Number One on the charts for 19 weeks and remained on the charts for an incredible total of 42 weeks.  Billboard Magazine named it the biggest country music single in recorded history, based on sales, plays, and number of weeks in the charts.

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