Hatfields & McCoys kicks off Christmas show

christmasdisasterfpThe two feuding families that put the fun in dysfunctional are celebrating Christmas, or slugging it out in a merry fashion in the Hatfields & McCoys Christmas Disaster in Pigeon Forge.

The show begins with Mayor Timmy O’Reilly, a.k.a. Cousin Timmy, who is conspiring to cheat the Hatfields and McCoys out of their family land. He has unscrupulously conspired to develop timeshares which he plans to build on their land. To accomplish his goal Cousin Timmy arranges for Sheriff Dooley O’Neill to invite the two feuding families to a Christmas party. As expected the two families arrive and a fracas breaks out as the festive event turns disastrous.

Cousin Timmy initiates a lawsuit against the two families demanding compensation for the damage to his property. The two families have little and have spent all their Christmas money decorating their homes in hopes of winning the decorating contest sponsored by Cousin Timmy. The two families are unaware of the mayor’s deceitful plan. Compounding the ill will between the two families is the elopement of a Hatfield girl which ran off and married one of the McCoy boys. Both families call the matter a kidnapping.

The Mayor then concocts a plan to run the two families off  their land by scaring them off. Realizing the two families are superstitious, Cousin Timmy attempts to frighten them off disguised as a ghost. As he attempts to pull off his scheme, he falls asleep in the woods and, in a scene reminiscent of the Christmas Carol, Cousin Timmy is allowed an opportunity to visit the Christmas of the past and present. Timmy soon realizes the error of his ways and the enlightened mayor surprises the two families with a Christmas gift that attests to his compassionate nature.

The show is a fun-filled 90-minute show featuring a cast of talented singers, dancers, musicians and comedians that bring the spirit of Christmas alive. The cast includes a finalist on America’s Got Talent, a banjo playing champion and a five time international yodeling champion. It features audience participation and a dinner that includes fried chicken, pulled barbecue pork, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cole slaw, bread, soup and chocolate pudding. Show times vary. For reservations call 800-985-5494.

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