Marvel’s “Civil War” is about to begin

Over the past six years moviegoers have seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe unfold a grand story involving the mysterious Thanos and the search for the all-powerful Infinity Stones. All of this is leading to “The Infinity Gauntlet,” in which Thanos attempts to gather Infinity Gems and merge them into an omnipotent gauntlet to destroy the universe. This, of course, brings about the combined might of the entire roster of Marvel’s superheroes in an attempt to stop him.

At least, that was the assumption until last week’s announcement regarding “Captain America 3.” Seemingly unbelievable news was announced. Robert Downey, Jr. would star in the “Captain America” sequel in a villainous role. Now, why would Downey, Iron Man himself, portray a villain? Well, with the announcement came the answer.

In 2007, a universe-shattering storyline began in Marvel Comics, titled “Civil War.” The story pitted Iron Man and several Marvel heroes and villains against Captain America and his group of superheroes who rebelled against S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Superhuman Registration Act. Now, it doesn’t appear that the film version of “Civil War” will follow that storyline. Instead, rumor has it Iron Man will be pitted against Captain America due to events that will take place in “Avengers 2,” which will be released May 1 of next year. When asked about the news, Downey was quoted as saying that “‘Captain America 3’ will be huge,” but that he couldn’t say anything else or he’d “just regret it.”

As of now, not much is certain. But we can assume that Marvel’s impressive roster will be shown in its entirety. It was said perhaps best by Joss Whedon before the premiere of “The Avengers” in 2012, “There’s a lot of people on this team with wildly different beliefs and that usually means that there will be some arguing.” However, nobody predicted that we would be witnessing the biggest comic book battle in history. It just goes to show that with Marvel, one never knows what exactly to expect.

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