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ZZ Lefty Frizzell

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By Doug Davis

This week in 1965: President Johnson said that the doors were open to all Cuban exiles; U.S. soldiers were permitted to use tear gas in Viet Nam; Senator Robert F. Kennedy suggests Peking send delegates to Geneva Arms talks and a singer from Corsicana, Texas had his 25th hit record.

A lot of hit songs came from a line or a remark in a conversation and according to Hank Cochran, Lefty Frizzell’s 1965 hit, “A Little Unfair” was one of those tunes!

Hank commented, “A friend of mine was living in Ohio. And I called him one day and asked him what the weather was like. He told me the weather there was great and asked me to come up there. He was playing in some place that night and he said he would pick me up in “the big L” and I could go out to the gig with him.

I wasn’t doing anything at the time so I went to Ohio. Well I thought when he said “the big L,” he was talking about a Lincoln, but when I got up there I found out that “the  big L” was a Lancer. And besides that, we had to take a cab over to the garage where he was having “the big L” worked on.

I told him “Boy talk about being unfair.” And he said, “Well it may have been a little unfair. And that computer went off in my head and I said hey there’s a idea. We’re supposed to be writers. Let’s write that idea. So we started working on that line and that idea and that’s where “A Little Unfair” came from.”

Lefty Frizzell’s Columbia Records single “A Little Unfair” came on the country music charts October 16th, 1965 and peaked at number 36.It was his 25th charted song and was on the charts for 5 weeks.

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