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ZZ Louvin Brothers

The Louvin Brothers/photo submitted

By Doug Davis

This week in 1962: The United States halted atmospheric testing and urged a world-wide ban; Texan Billy Sol Estes was found guilty of real estate swindling; U.S. announced that all missile bases in Cuba had been dismantled; and two brothers from Section, Alabama had their 12th charted song.

Now and then you’ll hear a songwriter say they have no idea where a song came from—it just happened. According to Bill Anderson—the Louvin Brothers 1962 hit “Must You Throw Dirt In My Face” was one of those tunes.

Bill commented, “That’s another one of those songs that I really don’t know where it came from. But It’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written. The Louvin Brothers almost didn’t record that song. I wasn’t really all that sold on the song. I really think that if I had not gone to the recording session that day, I’m not sure that song would have been recorded. Charlie Louvin really wanted to record it but Ira didn’t want to do it and Ira started trying to re-write the song and Charlie finally just put his foot down and they cut it. I just kind of stood there – not knowing what was going to happen. But I really think had I not been there that day, it never would have happened. I think maybe they were a little embarrassed not to record it because I had stayed there all day and it was the last song on the session. So they did it.”

The Louvin Brothers Capitol Record single “Must You Throw Dirt In My Face” came on the country music charts November 17th, 1962 and peaked at number 21. It was Ira and Charlie’s last charted song.

Ira and Charlie Louvin placed 12 songs on the country music charts as The Louvin Brothers. They joined The Grand Ole Opry in 1955 and were inducted into The Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2001.

Ira Louvin died in 1965. Charlie Louvin died in 2011

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