Pigeon droppings: an entertainer worthy of a single name


Doronte/photo submitted

By Bob Hamill

Doronte is is an entertainer worthy of a single name status. You know, artists that use only their first names and you know who it is. People like Cher, Celine, Frank and Barbra.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Doronte was raised by his mother and grandmother until his grandmother went to meet her maker and his mother was not able to care for him. After three weeks in a foster home, he was adopted by his godfather and godmother at 14-years-old.

Doronte always had his faith. He went to church on Sunday, sang in the choir and attended many church functions. It was in the choir that he got the most notice. It didn’t hurt that his father was the music director and his personal tutor. As Doronte was getting better, he realized how much fun he was having. One day his father asked him if he would like to do a solo. He wasn’t quite ready for that. With a little prodding and coaxing, he agreed and Doronte’s life was never the same.

He was shy and introverted in high school. He was not a person you would expect to have all this talent and not being the big man on campus. That all changed in high school when he joined the theater group. His first production was “Once Upon A Mattress.” After the pre-show jitters were controlled, Doronte delivered a marvelous performance. He realized he loved musical theater and that would be his passion. That didn’t take away from his gospel singing. He still went to church every Sunday and sang in the choir, but people were seeing a whole new Doronte.

He was in and out of college, majoring in theater but didn’t quite get the rush of appearing on stage. For six years or so he was a floater. That came to a change when he was offered a role in the newest theater in town, “The Miracle.” It was a faith-based play on the life of Jesus.

Doronte was in heaven. Musical theater and praising his Lord in song. The Miracle lasted about five years giving way to the Smoky Mountain Opry. This was a going to be something he has always dreamed of doing. In addition to singing and dancing with the cast, he got to do two solo numbers. In the Motown spot he does “My Girl” and in the gospel segment he shined on “Redeemer.” It is not a show to be missed.

You only have a few weeks to catch Doronte as he is leaving the Fee Hedrick Family Entertainment Group to sail the seas with Celebrity Cruises. If you want to see an entertainer with pure passion, go see Doronte.

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