“Richie Rich” series coming to Netflix

NewNetflixLogoNetflix has recently made great strides in its original children’s programming following the termination of Nickelodeon programming due to Viacom contracting with Amazon Prime. In the time since, Netflix has purchased several Cartoon Network classics such as “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Courage the Cowardly Dog.” Added to this plethora of Cartoon Network shows and Disney animated films, Netflix released original programming based on previously released property, such as the continuation of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Turbo,” based off of the Dreamworks film of the same name.

Now it appears Netflix is working with the successful Disney Channel formula of live action children’s shows with an original pilot for a Richie Rich series. The show is based off the Internet program that Dreamworks’ AwesomenessTV was set to air. However, Netflix has picked up the show from Brian Robbins, the CEO of AwesomenessTV for a 21 episode run based on the pilot that was directed by Phill Lewis.

“Richie Rich” will tell the story of the child trillionaire and his extravagant exploits and adventures. Sample episodes will include plotlines such as traveling to Antarctica and making a home video in which famous celebrities are rumored to make guest appearances.

The titular character will be played by “Dark Skies” star Jake Brennan and will also star Jenny Ortega, Joshua Carlon and Brooke Wexler in supporting roles.

“Richie Rich” will debut on Netflix in early 2015.

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