From the Hart: Obama’s foreign affairs follies

tsj column writers - from the hartBy Ron Hart

President Obama’s foreign policy is much like his domestic policy: naive and narcissistic. The results of his bravado are seldom good.

Obama has botched foreign relations. We are no better off anywhere in the world since he took office. The premise of his Middle East policy is that he is adored by the media and Democrats; therefore, the Muslim world will do whatever he suggests.

Now we have problems with not only Iraq but with ISIS, ISIL (ISIS’ evil twin), the IAEA and Iran. There are almost as many “I’s” in those names than in an Obama speech. What a bunch of ISILs.

Obama conducts world diplomacy like he conducts wars: as though he’s afraid someone is going to call Child Protective Services on him. The Republicans are angered when Iran says it does not have a nuclear bomb. If we have learned anything, it’s that an adversary not having weapons of mass destruction just further provokes them into war.

The Republicans hurt Obama’s feelings by sending a letter to the leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, that undermined the empty negotiations our administration is conducting. Either they did not mail the letter or the ayatollah may have thrown it away along with his Bloodbath and Beyond catalog. He probably thought it was one of those political fundraiser letters from a senator.

Our two political parties need to show a united front, at least on foreign affairs. Maybe the GOP senators would not have sent that letter if the Obama Doctrine did not say that he is willing to negotiate with terrorists and with Iran, Cuba and Russia – but with not GOP leaders.

Both sides need to get over themselves and work together, unless they are doing a “good cop, bad cop” ploy with Iran. But I don’t think they are coordinated enough or get along well enough to do that.

Bob Corker, R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and one of the few Republican senators who did not sign that inflammatory letter to Iran, should be designated to work with the White House on this. He is a solid senator and is smart, articulate, and self-made. He has horse-trading sense. No, he is not as well-traveled as that dolt, Secretary of State John Kerry, but Corker is from Tennessee and has been to Dollywood. And to pad his international diplomatic résumé, he has traveled to Euro Dollywood, which, I think, is in Missouri.

John Kerry followed Hillary Clinton’s dismal failure as secretary of state. He beat out the brilliant Susan Rice for the job. Rice defended the Obama Taliban Five swap for Bowe Bergdahl, saying on national TV that Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction.” She just didn’t say for which side.

Both Clinton and Kerry failed to anticipate and stem the spread of ISIS and Vladimir Putin’s takeover of Crimea and portions of Ukraine. They also failed to stabilize Iraq, to set up a functioning government in Afghanistan and are failing to prevent the realization of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

John Kerry is an enigma. He volunteered for Vietnam, then came back to denounce the war and call his fellow soldiers “war criminals.” Then he ran for the Senate and the presidency as a war hero. He was famously against the war in Iraq after he was for it. Maybe he confuses Iran; I know he confuses me. Settling this matter sounds like a job for James Taylor.

Obama is only a politician. He recently campaigned, unsuccessfully, against Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s reelection. In another presidential first, Obama lost the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate and the Israeli Knesset. His only leverage over the Iranian leader would be threatening to campaign for him in the fall.

Obama really doesn’t care about non-domestic issues. He would rather shut down the Ferguson Police Department than Iran’s nuclear program. Perhaps Obama can send Dennis Rodman to Iran to help close this deal. Failing that, he might have to send actors James Franco and Seth Rogan.

I imagine all this will not get better under a President Hillary Clinton. As we know, Muslim world leaders like nothing better than being told what to do by a pushy woman. The ayatollah has already started to recognize Hillary’s inevitable coronation and has begun provoking her. He stated that Iran had enriched some uranium in their own labs, and that “girls did not help at all.”

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