That’s the way I see it

There were lots of interesting news and rumors floating around this last week. I’d like to touch on a couple of subjects.

Did you hear where coach Jones and the University of Tennessee football team, coaches, water boys, student trainers, and other assorted and varied on-lookers, spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $57,000 to stay at the Crown Plaza in Knoxville for a week. The price included catered food.

Coach, you ever hear of Motel 6? It’s way cheaper and some of your players may have already spent a few hours there. The accommodations may not be quite as good but neither is your football team. As far as catered food, everybody knows that since 1958 college kids live on ramen noodles. The catering bill of $27,000 would have bought a lot of noodles with a couple of side trips to KFC and Hardee’s thrown in for good measure. Maybe next year the team can stay at Main Stay Suites where the players can cook their own meals. Just make sure the hotel has good fire insurance.

Yeah, I know the coaches get away from the wives for a few days and you can’t put a price tag on that sort of thing. They endure enough yelling and shouting during actual practice. If there was a bar bill, it wasn’t disclosed.

The athletic department, with a budget this year of $104,000,000, might appear on the outside to be able to afford $57,000 for a nice little get-away but just remember they might need all the funds they can save to settle lawsuits.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has brought up an interesting suggestion that could be the salvation of the United States. If the Ebola is still a problem in 2016, would it be possible to move the Democratic National Convention to Liberia or Sierra Leone?

Probably the Democrats wouldn’t go for that. Besides they don’t need a convention as Hillary will be crowned way before then. Bill is a little nervous about returning to the White House as Monica Lewinsky will be a constant reminder as Hillary won’t let him forget it. He’s still trying to convince her that it really was a vast right-wing conspiracy.

The Republicans could hold their convention in China as that’s where all American businesses are located now. Come to Shanghai and support Romney. Visa and MasterCard accepted. They could even bring back some noodles for the UT football team.

Personally, I think we need a third party, the National No Clue Party. That would encompass about 50% of the voters. The age of voters should also be raised from 18-years-old to “You know, I don’t always need to text”-years-old.

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