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Christmas tree decorations/photo submitted

By Grace Starr

This one is for those hiding out there spending your first holidays outside of your parents’ home, and you want to decorate but you’re on a budget. Maybe the case is you just like to decorate and save money while doing so.

Well, one of the first things that you have probably noticed if you have went to shop for decorations is that they are very expensive, whether for the holidays or a new home. Some ways to cut down on cost in this area is my expertise in life.

First in this area is making a dream picture in your head of what you want the area to look like that your decorating. Do you have it? Okay! Now I know you have your mind warmed up.

The first spending cut is using your imagination. First year on my own, a Christmas tree was important to me. You can find them on sale after the holidays, that’s the best time to find new artificial trees on sale. Ordering online during off sessions, yard sales, and thrift shops are other great options. If you want a live tree, you can always look for one to cut down. Ask people if there are trees they do not want on their property, or if they know anyone that wants such a tree gone. Of course there is more labor involved in this spending cut, but free is my favorite cost.

Now to decorate, use the same strategy to find little decorations on sale, but there’s an extra catch. For me, each year the house members of my family get together and make ornaments. Every year I have to get rid of some store bought ones. The homemade ornaments are a lot more precious to my heart, even if the bought ones were on sale! A lot of the time, we use recycling in our crafts. Utilizing recycling in crafts saves tons of money in my house. Plus, its good for the earth.

Tips learned this week:

  • Look for sales after the holidays
  • Shop online off session for items
  • Shop in thrift stores
  • Use crafts instead of store bought items
  • Use recycling for crafts in place of buying material
  • Find unwanted trees and ask permission to cut down

A few tips to add, one is use your imagination. Another, a lot of people like to search different places online or look at magazines to find ideas. Always make a list of things you want. Then, next to the item make a note if it’s something you could make yourself. Add things you need to make the item. Once you have your list, look around your house for the materials you need before going to the store. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve bought things then found that very item two weeks later. I end up forgetting I used the material in a previous craft. Good news on my part is, it will always get used! Have fun and happy decorating!

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