Vaping in the new year

Vaping in the new year

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By Matt Williams At this time of the year everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. One that we’ve all heard time and again is “This year, I’m gonna stop smoking.” Often the person making such a resolution will stay away from cigarettes for a few days, try some nicotine-filled gumRead More

Dinner diva: tips for optimizing veggie intake on a budget

Dinner diva: tips for optimizing veggie intake on a budget

Lifestyle December 16, 2014 at 7:31 pm 0 comments

By Leanne Ely Very few of us manage to get in all of the vegetables we need everyday for optimal health—at least 5-13 servings (about 6 cups) each day, a variety from each color group: dark greens (lettuce, kale, spinach), red and orange (sweet potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes), and “other” vegetablesRead More

Four reasons why retirees don’t need a nest egg

Four reasons why retirees don’t need a nest egg

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Conventional wisdom has its flaws for middle America, says president of advisory firm By Ginny Grimsley We are quickly coming to a reckoning in this country regarding the well-being of retirees, says Jeff Bucher, a financial advisor who helps working-class Americans plan their golden years. “I suppose it’s a clichéRead More

How to teach kids the value of money this holiday season

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Father of the year & financial veteran offers his four-pocket approach By Ginny Grimsley For most children in America, the holiday season is a wonderful time, with tasty treats, vacation from school, and plenty of toys and gifts that seem to magically appear. Of course, parents know it’s not magicRead More

Care at home: let it be your first choice

Care at home: let it be your first choice

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November is National Home Health & Hospice month, and home care agencies across the country are reaching out to raise awareness and make sure people understand what a valuable resource is available to them when they are facing difficult decisions about their health. “Coping with a serious or life-limiting illnessRead More

Tips for creating your financial legacy now

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Many baby boomers are leaving their life’s work to chance, says retirement & inheritance planner By Grinny Grimsley Half of all Americans with children do not have a legal will, according to a survey done by the legal service RocketLawyer. “While the survey was conducted in 2012, the attitudes AmericansRead More

Four secrets for breaking the seven figure ceiling

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Million-dollar business coach shares tips for taking it to the next level on your terms By Ginny Grimsley Can both recent reports on the economic muscle of black women in the United States be correct? On the one hand, businesses owned by women of color—42 percent of them African American—haveRead More

Five tips for moms struggling with work-life balance

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Florida’s first elected female lieutenant governor offers lessons learned from experience  By Ginny Grimsley Despite the many monumental glass ceilings that have been broken for the equal rights of all citizens in the United States, unique challenges persist for many, including, potentially, half the population, says Jennifer Carroll, the firstRead More

How to run your home more like a CEO

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Four tips for time and budget management from a business development strategist By Ginny Grimsley All successful CEOs have one thing in common: they’re able to maintain a big-picture perspective. It’s also something successful moms have in common, says Zenovia Andrews, a business strategist, speaker, author and mom who coachesRead More

To fish or not to fish

To fish or not to fish

Lifestyle, Local Sports, Science & Environment, Sports October 2, 2014 at 8:40 pm Comments are Disabled

Realization came in the form of a cool morning that fall was indeed upon us. I also realized that the one thing I had promised myself to do this summer had been left undone. I vowed I was going fishing. As a kid and young adult, I was fishing everyRead More