Biblical Times keeps Christ in Christmas


Biblical Times Dinner Theater/photo submitted

By Rachelle Burkett-Rodarte

Some of the shows in our area may have forgotten the reason for the season, but not Biblical Times Dinner Theater. While other shows are fun and entertaining, Biblical Times includes both the inspirational Nativity story and entertaining popular Christmas music. The first half of the show is filled with traditional songs loved for generations. There is no doubt of the performers’ noteworthy talent.

The performers also show their talent in the second act as characters in the Christmas story. They sing a mix of both religious and traditional Christmas songs. Dressed in their holiday finest, they sing amid a Christmas tree while guests are served a sumptuous meal. When the meal is finished and the house lights turned off, the rest of the show is dedicated to the Biblical account of the Christmas story.

Biblical Times captures the depth of the emotion of the Nativity of Christ’s birth in a stable complete with animals. A cast of five interacts with holographic images to tell the entire Nativity story with grace. Guests will never miss the elaborate production and flair of an extensive cast and elaborate sets.

The story is told from the perspective of Simeon who was promised by God that he would see the Messiah before he died. I was surprised to learn from a cast member after the show that the Simeon character was portrayed by a hologram. He looks entirely real. The cast was talking and interacting with Simeon as if he were actually present in the performance.

Holograms are also used to miraculously portray angelic wings and the spirit of the angels, who are played by the cast members. The angelic wings flutter and the actors shimmer appearing to radiate. I was impressed with how well the holograms are adapted and used as special effects, while keeping the performance very tasteful. The entire production emanates the Spirit of Christmas.

Guests of Biblical Times Dinner Show are greeted with the warmth of the season. The box office employees I spoke with on the phone and at the theater were extremely helpful. The cast members either have been or are currently involved with Christian music ministries living the Spirit of Christmas all year long and it is obvious they love what they do. Even the wait staff  greeted the guests as if welcoming them to their home. They were very friendly and attentive. The meal is excellent. It includes a large salad with your choice of dressing with the main course being a feast of Biblical portions. I would think that in Biblical times portions may have been scant. These were much larger in proportion. My husband and I both asked for a to-go box. The meal included wood smoked prime rib cooked to a perfect juicy medium, a large serving of wood smoked pulled pork BBQ, a jumbo chicken tender, garlic fried potatoes, cut corn and  vegetable medley with a large yeast roll. Dessert was strawberry shortcake. The food was served hot with real utensils, not plastic. It was all prepared well, nicely seasoned and tasty. My husband and I had a wonderful time and the Nativity story moved us to shed a tear or two.

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