Daisy Duke appears in East Tennessee

Catherine Bach Daisy Duke image

By Michael Williams

Hundreds of dedicated “Dukes of Hazzard” fans bore the heat Saturday outside Cooter’s of Gatlinburg to meet one of the most popular stars of the long running hit TV series, Catherine Bach ( Daisy Duke ).

Bach played as Daisy Duke in the series and became widely known for her short shorts which came to be known as Daisy Dukes. After the series ended Bach continued to stay busy attending meet and greets across the nation and has recently introduced her own clothing line which includes blue jeans and of course shorts.

“We drove down from Louisville,” Kentucky to be here today,” said Dan Rice. “I have met all the other cast members except her.”

As the fans stood outside the store awaiting their chance to meet the star, two young women walked down the side walk handing out bottles of cold water to anyone in need.

After signing numerous autographs, Bach departed from Gatlinburg to Jefferson City where she would have her second meet and greet for the afternoon at the Jefferson County Fair.

Those who missed Bach at the meet and greet will get another chance to meet her in Oct when she returns to Gatlinburg for another meet and greet at Cooter’s in the Smokies a popular destination for tourists and fans of the show.  Cooter’s in the Smokies was created by another former “Dukes” alum, Ben Jones, who played the role of Cooter.

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