Flash flood alerts in the Smokies

flash floodSpotty showers and torrential rains in the higher elevations caused flash floods Monday in the Greenbrier and Cosby areas. Emergency crews responded to the flood alerts and went to area campgrounds to warn campers to seek higher ground. Emergency personnel closed the Greenbrier entrance to the Park until he threat of flooding abates and the road is safe for traffic.

The National Weather Service has extended the flash flood alert for southeastern Sevier County and southwestern Cocke County until 7:15 p.m. tonight. Officials are warning people to seek higher ground and avoid low lying areas.

The NWS says Pittman Center, Waterville and the Smokies will experience flooding and the floodwaters are moving down the Pigeon River. The NWS is predicting more rain to fall on Wednesday and Friday and weather conditions may result in more flooding. The area affected by today’s tempest is prone to flooding Pittman Center experienced a flood on election day 1938 that resulted in a flood that claimed the lives of eight people and destroyed 50 homes and numerous crops.

The Tennessee Star Journal will post updates as they become available.

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