Hatfield and McCoy kick off season with Christmas Disaster


The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Theater Show/photo submitted

By Michael Williams

The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Theater kicked off the 2015 Christmas season with a new show, The Hatfield and McCoy Christmas Disaster. The two feudin’ families are at it again this time competing with one another in the Christmas Festivus Best Cabin Light competition. The contest is a phony competition created by the ever-conniving Mayor Timothy P. O’Reilly, also known as Cousin Timmy, who has concocted yet another scheme to scam the two families out of their land. O’ Reilly needs their land to build timeshares. The situation between the two families is particularly tense since one of the Hatfields and children eloped with a McCoy family member.

O’Reilly first invites the two families to a barn for a party expecting them to destroy the place in a brawl. He could then take their land as compensation for the damage they have done to his property. But, the bumbling Sheriff Dooley Neal makes a clerical error in which he forgets to have the families sign damage waivers. With this plan foiled the Mayor concocts a scheme to frighten them off their land with he and the sheriff posing as ghosts.

While the bungling schemer and his protégé make a pitiful attempt to frighten the families, O’Reilly is visited by the ghost of his predecessor and mentor who take shim back to the past and shows him where he lost his way. In the end O’Reilly is touched by the spirit of Christmas and the two families soon discover that the old mayor has a soft, compassionate side and he is not as horrible as they previously believed.

The show features numerous references to popular Christmas movies and TV shows including “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “A Christmas Story”, and, of  course, Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.”

The show is good family fun featuring a meal consisting of fried chicken breast, mashed potatoes, rolls, soup, barbecue pork, corn on the cob and pudding for dessert. The show features dancing, music and comedy performed by award winning performers including Blake Elkins who appeared on “America’s Got Talent.” For more information visit the web Site HatfieldMcCoyDinnerFeud.com.

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