Outdoor Gravity Park opens in Pigeon Forge

ZZ A wet Leon Downey (right) and Chris Roberts

A wet Leon Downey (right) and Chris Roberts/photo submitted

PIGEON FORGE (press release)—More fun attractions are rolling in to Pigeon Forge. Owners of an Outdoor Gravity Park held a grand opening ribbon cutting Wednesday on the former Zorb site, off of the Parkway in Pigeon Forge.

“When we signed the lease the park was really in a run down condition. We’ve really kind of totally redone the park, and then we’ve actually made some changes. We actually made the runs a little longer,” said Allen Skinn, one of the owners.

The attraction features the Outdoor Gravity Orb (OGO) adventure and the spinning-in-place Fishpipe from New Zealand. The OGO is a plastic sphere 11 feet in diameter, with a smaller sphere inside.

“It’s like a jacuzzi on wheels, so we throw about 20 gallons of water in there. You’re sitting in a puddle. We zip you up, push you down the hill, and you slide and get wet all the way down the hill,” said Chris Roberts, one of the owners.

The Outdoor Gravity Park will also feature the Fishpipe, a rotating barrel water slide. The barrel is made of plastic and is suspended in a steel frame and an electric spins the barrel.

Up to three people can take a ride in the OGO at once, rolling down a 1,000-foot hillside.

“You’re actually slipping and sliding along the bottom. You’re not tumbling or going head over heels,” said Skinn.“You’re definitely getting that sensation of kind of being out of control. You know at first it starts out and you’re like well this isn’t so bad, and as you’re going down the hill it gets more and more fun and more and more exciting.”

The owners say you can actually still ride in these in the winter. They just use warm water instead.

They will be adding another ball that you can strap into with a harness instead of getting wet inside the OGO. You will tumble with the ball down the hill.

They are also adding zip lines.

Both of those things should be there later this summer.


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