Pigeon droppings: Passion is the key

tsj column writers pigeon droppingsBy Bob Hamill

If you had to describe Eric Lambert in one word, it would be “passionate.” Eric believes if you have passion for something, everything is possible. In college, his friends thought he was funny. He liked the feeling of making them laugh. Eric felt left out of some things as he was on the heavy side and didn’t quite fit with the “in crowd.” He took a negative and made it positive by performing self-depreciating humor.

Eric decided he wanted to become a stand-up comedian. Once the decision was made, he put everything aside and had the eye of the tiger. First, he studied other successful comedians, looking at what was and wasn’t funny. Comedy became his passion. His first efforts were directed at open mic nights, be it a comedy club or local bar. He quickly became a favorite and was given the coveted emcee spot.

Once he established himself in the club and college market, Eric decided to try his hand at cruise ships. Again, he went about it with passion. It wasn’t long before he became top comic on Carnival Cruise lines. He would join a ship, do his show and fly off the next day to do another show on a different ship. Eric had a lot of “off time” and used it wisely to pursue another passion.

A large part of the college experience are the campus activities. There is such a wide variety of things happening to keep life interesting. Eric created The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) from scratch. Seven times a year thousands of students attend a conference in locations all over the United States. His passion and desire was to bring student bookers and talent in an affordable way to showcase their wares. APCA is the leader in the field.

Chances are you already know Eric Lambert. He has been the main comedian at the Comedy Barn since it opened. He met David Fee and Jim Hedrick, the owners of the Barn, on Carnival Cruise Lines over 20 years ago. He was the first choice to headline and continues to do so as his act is timeless, clean and funny.

Eric is also a big supporter of local charities and an active member of the community.

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