Sable Now Open in Pigeon Forge

By Michael WilliamsPigeon Forge Theater Sable image

The new Pigeon Forge Theater, Sable is one of the most innovative shows ever to open, it is now captivating audiences in the Smoky Mountains.

Sable, which is French for sand, combines the majesty of equestrian showmanship with the beauty of sand art performed by a sand artist. The show now occupies the former Grand Majestic Theater located at 125 Music  Mountain Drive in Pigeon Forge. Former patrons of the theater would probably be curious to know how the producers of sable stage the grand production on such a small stage.

“We lost about 200 seats in the remodeling of the theater,” said producer Mark Carmen. “We built an arena that allows the horse to run around. It’s sort of like a circus ring.”

The Pigeon Forge theater, Sable, begins with a variety of music featuring jazz melodies and a blend of music from France, Russia, and Spain.

The curtain opens to reveal a young woman on a swing. She briefly dances about the arena, then returns to the swing where she falls asleep and into a dream.

On a platform behind her is a sand artist that begins masterfully depicting scenes from the young girl’s dreams using a variety of colored sands. While music plays, these scenes are projected onto a screen behind the artist allowing the audience to behold her creation. In less than a minute the art is complete and the curtains open allowing horse and performers to act out the scenes depicted in the art.

The enchanting show, a vivid example of life imitating art, mesmerizes. It combines a variety of European cultures, including a scene with a Spanish conquistador reminiscent of Dulcinea referred in “Don Quixote.” The show features music, dance, equestrian trick riding and comedy. In one segment a wayward horse refuses to cooperate with his less-than-skilled rider and torments the hapless rider by rolling over on his back, refusing to get up. The horse manages to take the rider’s hat, keep it from him, and cause much frustration all while providing lots of laughs.

Sable’ is written, produced, and directed by Igor Kassaev, a distinguished horse trainer. For decades, Igor has provided his talents to such entities as Ringling Brothers, Cheval Theatre, Gill St Croix (Cirque du Soliel’), and others. Igor is the recipient of the coveted “Gold Clown Award” presented by the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo (International Circus Festival de Monte-Carlo) This award is bestowed upon the best of the best circus acts in the world. The music of Sable’ is composed by Award Winning songwriter and producer, Mark Carman. The Sable’ Theater is equipped with the latest, state of the art lighting and sound equipment, ensuring the every aspect of the audience’s experience is World Class. Sable’ is powerful, romantic, funny and multicultural – it is Perfect Family Entertainment.

The all new Sable’ International Theater is located in the Heart of The Smokey Mountains at 125 Music Mountain Drive, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is an absolute “Must See” in the Smokey Mountains this year.

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