Sevier County Days to be held at Biblical Times

10726703_4652258319892_1205588597_nSevier County residents can see the most inspiring dinner in the Smokies beginning Dec. 15 thru Dec 20.  The Biblical Times Dinner Theater is offering their seven item feast of Biblical proportions and their show featuring state-of-the-art holographic technology at the low price of $19.95 for Sevier County residents. Local residents must provide a driver’s license or other proof of residence.

The Biblical Times Dinner Theater was the first theater in Tennessee to utilize holographic technology to bring to life Biblical characters that interact with live actors. The holograms have been utilized in the production of three shows at the theater. Using holograms, the BTDT have depicted, Moses, the Nativity and King David. The Biblical characters created by the holograms appear to speak to the live actors and are so life-like that many attendees have been left to wonder which characters are real and which are holograms.

The theater is presenting two shows this holiday season. The Christmas Show which depicts the birth of Christ is presented 6 p.m.  Moses Mountain of God which recreates the tale of the Exodus from Egypt is presented three times weekly  at 2 p.m. on Tues, Thurs. and Saturday.

The Christmas Story tells the story of the immaculate conception, the journey of Joseph and Mary from Bethlehem, the coming of the Wise men from afar and the birth of Christ in a manger. A talented cast of six award winning singers perform  timeless holiday favorite Christmas carols such as “Oh, Holy Night” “Go Tell it on the Mt” and other musical selections.

Moses Mountain of God brings to life the story of Moses as he speaks to God through a burning bush on Mountain Sanai and the liberation of the Israelites by the Egyptians. Moses leads the Israelites to freedom across the Red Sea. The parting of the Red Sea is recreated in brilliant computer generated technology.

Both shows feature different meals. The matinee performance includes wood smoked pulled pork, tender jumbo chicken, smoked  roast beef with au jus sauce, herb garnished red potatoes, home style baked beans, crisp tossed salad, cheddar cheese biscuit. Tea or lemonade and caramel cream cake for dessert.

The feast for the Christmas Story includes tea or lemonade, wood smoked prime rib, wood grilled chicken fillet, wood smoked pulled pork, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetable medley, crispy tossed salad, large yeast rolls and strawberry shortcake.

The show begins with a pre-show featuring five performers that were featured on the Main Stage at the National Quartet Convention singing holiday and gospel favorites. The award winning cast includes Paula Michele who performed back-up for music legend Ray Charles.

Reservations are encouraged. Call 865-908-3327. The theater is located at 2391 Parkway in Pigeon Forge. For more information visit the web site

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