Sevierville movie theater closer to reality

Good news for the people living in Sevierville and the Kodak area. Since Reel Movies on the Parkway closed, the only movie theater in the county is in Pigeon Forge at Walden’s Landing.

That’s good for Pigeon Forge but if you live in Sevierville or Kodak, it means a drive down the Parkway to see a flick. No movie is worth going to see if you have to fight the traffic during the rod runs. Kodak people could drive to Knoxville faster than to Pigeon Forge.

It now appears a theater is planning on opening at Governor’s Crossing, behind Buffalo Wild Wings. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it could lead to more traffic jams in front of Walmart. What! You’ve never noticed traffic jams on the Parkway in front of Walmart!

Regardless, Independent Theater Booking Service from Charlotte, North Carolina, is set to finalize purchase of 18 acres behind Buffalo Wild Wings and next to Rainforest Adventure Zoo. This should offer good exposure for the zoo. It could lead to a monkey’s night out at the theater.

The theater will offer stadium style seating which is great news if you ever sat behind a 6’ 3” guy wearing a baseball cap at the Reel Movies theater. There are also plans for some high back rocking chairs and luxury recliners. An extra charge for the luxury hasn’t been discussed. Neither has hiring your wife to bring you popcorn and beer during the feature.

The purposed theater will feature 14 screens, five of which will be 3-D screens. Two of the screens will feature the company’s XL Extreme sound system. XL, I believe, stands for “Xtra Loud”, which is great if you are nearly deaf or want to become nearly deaf.

The one proposal I would suggest to the theater owners is to hire armed guards to confiscate all cell phones, iPads, iPods, tablets and anything else that makes a light so the movie can be enjoyed without splashes of illumination all over the theater.

The new theater is scheduled to open in June, so was Belle Island.

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