Sevierville’s local option sales tax collections on the increase

By Michael Williams

The protracted winter of 2013-14 had many local business owners nervous. The winter that dragged well into April meant that many school systems in the northern states had to declare snow days. These snow days had to be made up at the end of the year which delayed the start of the summer tourism season and impacted sales for local attractions, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The sales tax collections records released by the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce seem to indicate the winter had only a minor impact on sales revenues for two of the first five months of the year. Three of  the first five months indicate some growth in tourism.

The sales tax collections for January were down by a half of one percent compared to last January. But the sales tax collections rebounded in February reflecting a growth of 1.4 percent over Feb. of 2014. March saw an increase of 5.9 percent over sales tax collection in March of 2013.

Sales tax collections dipped in April coming in 2.1 percent less than the year before but rebounded sharply in May coming in at 6.3 percent  over May of the previous year. According to Amanda Marr of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, overall sales tax collections for the first five months indicate an improvement of 2.5% over the first five months of 2013.

The sales tax report for June through August have not been released.

2013                          2014                           % Change                  14 net Revenue

January            $ 2,031,474.91         $2,021,207.30                     -0.5%                         $899,310.92

February           $2,181,798.84         $2,213,428.51                      1.4%                         $984,837.35

March               $2,997,580.17         $3,175,075.76                       5.9%                      $1,412,710.27

April                 $2,675,851.18         $2,620,471.25                        -2.1%                     $1,165,945.93

May                  $2,603,471.09         $2,766,339.20                         6.3%                      $1,230,848.05

Total               $12,490,176.19       $12,796,522.02                       2.5%

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