The wristband story

ZZ SPD wristbands 2

SPD wristbands/photos courtesy of SPD

By Captain Matt Ayers, Sevierville Police Dept.

We have always handed out small items like pencils, balloons, stickers and wristbands at community events. These items are D.A.R.E.-themed or otherwise branded with anti-crime, anti-drug, anti-violence and other messages. Our stocks of these items have depleted and the SPD Community Resource Officers requested a department-themed wristband for special events. Chief Myers approved of the idea and authorized funding.

As the concept of an SPD-themed bracelet evolved, we realized that it should represent all the things the department does, as well as why we do them. Our department’s mission statement, vision, values, and goals boil down to one basic idea. Simply put, we stand…for right, for justice, for community, for citizen, and for each other. We stand in opposition to all who would bring harm to our community. We stand each hour of every day.

Ultimately, the wristband is meant to tie us to our community, and our community to us. It is a fitting symbol of partnership, a reminder of what we can accomplish together. Sir Robert Peel, who canonized the principles that modern policing are built upon, believed, “The police are the public, and…the public are the police.” If we stand together, we are strong.

ZZ SPD wristbands

SPD wristbands/photos courtesy of SPD

Wear your wristband with pride and conviction. If you are one of Sevierville’s finest, may it help you to be what you represent, and remind you that your individual actions, words, and image reflect on the department and community. If you are a member of our community, may it remind you of our shared commitment to protecting all we hold dear. We need you … stand with us.

The wristband’s navy blue color represents our uniform, while the harvest gold lettering is symbolic of our badges. The inspiration for the message was found in the department’s “Stand” video, which was created 2 years ago. Its powerful imagery and message has already impacted many, and the wristband compliments it well.

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