Obama’s “legacy” with Iran

Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaBy Dwight L. Schwab, Jr.

Now that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have claimed “victory” with a “framework” for a nuclear deal with mullah-led Iran, it’s time to review why it is no victory at all. The reasons are numerous, but the major ones are daunting to say the least.

First and foremost, Iran has previously lied about its intentions regarding its nuclear program, maintaining that it is designed strictly for peaceful purposes. Their last break with the truth was in November 2010 when the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report stating that inspectors had found credible evidence that Iran had been conducting experiments aimed at designing a nuclear weapon until 2003.

But that is only one warning sign that even a “framework” for an agreement is dangerous. Agreement or not, Iran remains a sworn enemy of the U.S., despite the negotiations with America and its allies. Furthermore, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has lied in the past about human rights in Iran. Rouhani has also lied about freedom of the press in Iran.

Rouhani has demonstrated his duplicity when he was Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator in 2003. In that time frame, he even bragged that through negotiations, “the world gradually came close to believing that Iran’s nuclear activities posed no security or military threat.” And what is to keep the Mullahs from kicking out specified nuclear inspectors in the “framed” agreement? The answer is nothing at all.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice once said, “You absolutely cannot trust the Iranians,” noting that they have given the IAEA “the runaround” and “hid their nuclear program for decades.” Add to that Leon Penetta, former secretary of defense and CIA Director who said, “One thing I’ve learned both at the CIA and as secretary of defense is that the Iranians can’t be trusted.”

So this is a regime the United States can trust not to build nuclear weapons while they presently build intercontinental ballistic missiles? There’s no surefire way to make sure Iran is following the rules of any deal. Not to mention that recently Tehran stepped back from proposals it previously indicated it might accept, including the shipment of its enriched uranium stocks to Russia.

Is there any surprise that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyayu, not unlike Winston Churchill on the eve of WWII, is telling any free nations that will listen this is a monumental threat to world peace? Why is Barack Obama so adamant in making a deal with a terrorist state such as Iran? Has no one learned the lessons of appeasement to tyrants such as Adolph Hitler?

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