Taxpayers cry out for federal tax reform

IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled OutSAN FRANCISCO (press release)—With some certainty, you can almost bet that around tax time each year the cries for tax reform can be heard from coast to coast. This year is no different. The Pew Research Center completed a poll Saturday that says just that.

As the April 15 income tax deadline approaches, the new poll reveals that 59 percent of Americans believe “there is so much wrong with the federal tax system that Congress should completely change it.” A mere 38 percent of those surveyed in the Pew Poll thought the system “works pretty well” and requires “only minor changes.” Who are those people?

Not too surprisingly, it’s the Republicans who are more likely than Democrats to say the federal tax system should be completely changed. A whopping 66 percent said they feel that way including 72 percent of conservative Republicans, compared to 48 percent of Democrats. Among Independents, a healthy 63 percent would like to see the system completely changed.

Sixty-four percent of all respondents felt that some corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Another 61 percent say some wealthy people won’t pay their fair share.

Also not surprisingly, but unexpectantly low, 40 percent feel they pay more than their fair share, while 53 percent say they pay about the right amount. Less than 4 percent think they pay less than their fair share. Who are those people?

And finally, without surprise, Americans earning $100,000 a year or more are most likely to say the system is not fair at all. Thirty percent feel that way, while just 19 percent of those earning less than $30,000 agree.

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