Will Al Gore run for president?

al gore

Al Gore/photo submitted

By Dwight L. Schwab, Jr.

Is it because of a rift Al Gore developed with Bill Clinton when they were vice-president and president back in the 1990s? For whatever the reason may be, Gore isn’t endorsing Hillary Clinton, at least not yet. No reason was given for the swipe at his former bosses’ first lady.

At a Saturday event, part of the Cannes Lions festival, Gore was asked whether he would endorse anyone in particular for the 2016 race. The former vice-president and climate advocate/businessman didn’t take the bait and praise Hillary Clinton, reports Page Six.

The moderator zoned in and asked who might be the next president. “I wouldn’t refuse to answer that question; I would try to cleverly dodge the question. I would say it’s actually too early,” Gore sheepishly answered. No word if Gore has his own plans to enter the race later this year which has been a rumor for months.

The primary host of the event said he hoped personally hoped it would be Hillary Clinton. Gore just smiled and looked away. Gore is reputedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars from the sale of his media network two-years-ago.

Ironically, last fall Gore described Hillary Clinton as ‘extremely capable’ but again declined an outright endorsement, saying it was too early to enter the horse race. Really? Many campaign watchers are certain Gore is waiting for the Benghazi tragedy and the Clinton Foundation to weaken Hillary’s support and leave a vacancy for another candidate with ready-made monies to enter the fracas.

At this juncture, Hillary is in a huge lead for the nomination of her party with her only nemesis of any substance being Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sanders is beginning to make a dent in the Iowa and New Hampshire caucus and primary polls released last week. Those voters go to the polls in early 2016.

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