Empowering wounded heroes, one home at a time

ZZ Lee Greenwood welcomes a hero home

Lee Greenwood welcomes a hero home/photo submitted

By Julie Reliford

What do entertainer Lee Greenwood, home make-over TV host Ty Pennington, U.S. Senators Rob Portman and Rand Paul, former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, retired Army General Tommy Franks and baseball Hall-of-Famer Craig Biggio have in common? All have proudly joined with the Helping A Hero organization to support and honor veterans severely wounded while fighting the war on terror in the Middle East.

Since the beginning of the war on terror in 2001, over 52,000 military personnel have been wounded in the line of duty. Many of those wounded have debilitating injuries which make it difficult for them to function in their daily lives without special accommodations. These injuries include multiple amputations, severe burns, severe traumatic brain injuries and complete blindness. Helping A Hero was founded with a mission to give those brave veterans a warm welcome back with a home that has been specially adapted to their specific needs. Helping them to successfully transition back into civilian life in an adapted home provides the foundation they need to be as independent as possible based on their lifetime injuries. To date, over 100 severely wounded heroes in 22 states have been awarded a specially adapted home for their specific needs.  

The process of building an adapted home for each wounded hero is a costly labor of love. Helping A Hero works to raise funds to design and build each home. They also engage the local communities to provide the needed services and resources for wounded heroes and their families as they continue on the road to recovery.

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