Facebook scams leave Internet users at risk

Internet users are being warned of two Facebook scams that could leave users’ personal information and money at risk. The scams could also leave computers vulnerable to a virus that will potentially affect their hard drives.

According to Hoax-Slayer.com, one of the scams promises a free iPhone 6. To receive the phone, users are asked to share a post. Once they click on the post, they are asked to both like and share a page. Once the user clicks share, the scam is spread to all the user’s contacts.

The user will then be taken to a different website that will instruct them to fill out a survey to get the iPhone. This will sign the user up for services they never authorized. The survey often requests the user’s mobile phone number for a chance to win extra prizes and offers. When they submit their number, they will be subscribing to a very expensive text-messaging “service” that will charge several dollars every time the user sends a message.

The scammers then sell the user’s name, address and other personal information to third-party marketers who send the user junk mail and phone call solicitations.

The second scam, first reported on HLNTV.com, involves a phony video currently being shared on Facebook titled, “Girl killed by husband just because she kissed another man.”

The video depicts an Asian woman being beheaded with a sword. It appears as though numerous Facebook users have liked and shared the video. If the user clicks on the video, they are directed to a third party website that appears to be Facebook although it isn’t. Users end up downloading a file which contains a malicious virus.

To avoid the two scams, Hoax-slayer.com suggests that users should never complete Facebook surveys claiming to offer free gifts. Users are advised not to share or like any web site in order to view a video and never install updates and plugins made available through videos that have gone viral.

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