Governor Haslam’s day is brightened

ZZ Beauty and the whatever

Miss Nashville, Hannah Bobinger, and Governor Haslam/photo by governor’s office

By Germain Johnson

Governor Haslam, who spends most of his day looking at Republican men and a few Democrats who wander in to his office by mistake, received a pleasant surprise when Hannah Bobinger, the new Miss Nashville, stopped by his office. His biggest surprise came when the lovely Miss Nashville didn’t ask for anything.

“It is refreshing to meet someone like Miss Bobinger who only requested a photo,” said the governor. Aids did say the governor gave Miss Bobinger his card, private phone number and copy of his weekly schedule as a souvenir.

After the photo session, Hannah went on to represent the city of Nashville and Governor Haslam was treated for a rapid heartbeat. It was reported he felt better after a cold shower.

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