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ZZ Jack Greene from MaryvilleBy Doug Davis

This week in 1968: Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the second successful heart transplant; Surveyor 7, the last of five unmanned U.S. flights to the Moon—soft-landed on the lunar surface; China accused U.S. spy planes of raiding Yunnan Province and a singer from Maryville, Tennessee had his sixth hit record.

Jack Greene’s 1968 number one, “You Are My Treasure” was his third number one record and was written especially for him by Cindy Walker.

According to Cindy, she got the idea for the song after listening to a Jack Greene interview with Ralph Emery.

Jack commented, “Cindy said she heard a distinctive quality in my voice when I talked and she decided to write a song just for me that included a recitation.”

Cindy delivered the song to record producer Owen Bradley, who wanted to record the song with Bill Anderson—but Cindy insisted that the song was written for Jack Greene and nobody but Jack Greene was going to record it!

Bradley finally gave in and went into the studio with 30 musicians including a complete string section—to record “You Are My Treasure” with Jack Greene.

That was back before “multi-tracking” and “laying down tracks” were popular—back in the good ole days of recording when the musicians on a session actually sat in the studio at the same time and played together!

Jack Greene’s “You Are My Treasure” made the country charts February 17, 1968, climbed to number one and was there for one week. The Decca Records single was his sixth charted song and his third number one.

It was on the charts for 15 weeks.

Jack Greene placed 36 songs on the country music charts between 1965 and 1972—including five number ones.

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