Bloomberg run could shape up race

Michael Bloomberg/photo subitted

Michael Bloomberg/photo submitted

By Zach Toillion

One of the nation’s most prominent former mayors has indicated he is interested in running for President. In leaked conversations Michael Bloomberg has stated that he’d be willing to spend up to a billion dollars for a hypothetical Presidential bid. Those close to Bloomberg state he’d be more willing to take up a run if Trump and/or Sanders become their party’s nominee.

Bloomberg hails from New York like his potential challengers Secretary Hillary Clinton and Businessman Donald J. Trump. Like Trump, Bloomberg is also a multi-billionaire businessman, but unlike Trump, Bloomberg has held elective office-serving 12 years as mayor of New York City. All three candidates were in New York City first hand to witness the devastation wrought on September 11th, 2001.

Bloomberg has been all over the political spectrum. He served as a Republican until 2007 when he became an Independent. He was endorsed by Rudy Giuliani in his Mayoral campaigns, and endorsed George W. Bush for President. Bloomberg was originally in favor of the war in Iraq and was in favor of “Stop and Frisk” policing, a predominantly conservative position. Bloomberg also has liberal tendencies. He endorsed President Obama in 2012 because of his position on Global Warming. After the Sandy Hook massacre Bloomberg created a political advocacy group known as “Mayors against Illegal Guns”, a group that seeks gun control measures including a universal background check and a ban on assault weapons.

According to the candidate ideology tracking site, Bloomberg used to be a moderate on both financial and social issues, as did Trump. Over the last 10 years, Trump moved to become more of a conservative, and Bloomberg more of a moderate liberal. The same source shows Hillary Clinton used to be more of a moderate conservative compared to her more liberal 2008 and 2016 Presidential campaigns.

Preliminary polling has shown that the three way matchup would be extremely competitive, with each candidate within striking distance of one another, getting a bit over 35 percent. Bloomberg’s possible run should be taken with a grain of salt. In 2008 Bloomberg also explored a bid for the Presidency, only to opt out. Since then, much of the public speculation has regarded Bloomberg serving in high level Cabinet positions. One candidate more likely to enter the the race as an Independent is former Senator Jim Webb (Va.), a conservative Democrat who dropped out of the Democratic Presidential Primary. For the GOP, former Governor Gary Johnson (N.M.) is running as the Libertarian candidate for President.


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