The emperor will have no clothes

Barack_Obama,_official_photo_portrait,_111th_CongressBy Dwight L. Schwab, Jr.

President Obama faces a bleak final two years in the White House, one way or another. Should Republicans regain the majority in the Senate and predictably add another 15-20 seats in the House, Christmas will be very different from the last five Obama has spent.

The best scenario the president can hope for is continued gridlock in Congress. That would mean somehow the Democrats keep the Senate and continue the split in the two houses of government.

But Congress aside, Obama is losing his wing man, Attorney General Eric Holder. As attorney general, Holder has presided over the most political and confrontational Department of Justice in memory. Instead of protecting all the American people as the country’s highest ranked law enforcement officer, Holder has quashed messy political scandals emanating from Obama’s White House (Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious) and heightened racial tensions in one fell stroke.

Now Holder has resigned. Republicans are almost certain to take the Senate. The House grows stronger with each additional seat. Barack Obama still has two years left to languish in the White House with few friends and memories of better days. His political future looks bleak at best. Soon he will retire from politics and write books, making millions.

Therein lies the frightful future of this country. Obama is a far-left ideologue who feels deeply that America’s colonial past and its superpower status is the real problem in an increasingly dangerous world. He envisions a world government where borders cease to exist.

With his major loss of influence this election day, Obama will turn to immigration and sign an executive order to provide amnesty for untold millions already here illegally. He views his legacy as more important than the ISIS crisis, Ukraine or a host of other diplomatic and foreign policy failures. That doesn’t even begin to explain his domestic stance on the Keystone Pipeline, coal energy, EPA uncountable new regulations, redistribution of wealth, etc. That is the legacy of a failed liberal.

His answer to this failed presidency? Eternal glory with his party means residing over the largest sign-up of new party members with a decisive move for mass amnesty. Democrats are convinced that new arrivals will thank the Democrats for the new status as American citizens and vote Democrats much like blacks do now.

The Republicans needs to pick up six Senate seats which is a likelihood three weeks from the election. Should Obama sign the executive order for amnesty before the new Congress convenes in January, he could possibly hit the lowest approval numbers a sitting president has had in this country.

Such a knee-jerk reaction to major political defeat will embolden the new House and Senate majorities to stamp out a good deal of Obama’s legislation, including the Affordable Care Act of 2010 in its present form. Anything and everything Obama has touched politically since January, 2009.

“The emperor has no clothes.” His redressing will be conducted by the Republicans and the American people.

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