Politics and prayer, parading across America

Decision America rally at old Florida Capitol/photo by Gary Flanagan

Decision America rally at old Florida Capitol/photo by Gary Flanagan

By Gary Flanagan

It started on Monday with the passing of the baton in Louisiana on January 11. In Baton Rouge, Republican governor and former presidential candidate Bobby Jindal turned over the state to the only Democratic governor in the South, Bel Edwards. That night, Pastor Rick Warren joined Marco Rubio’s team as an advisor. Jimmy Fallon welcomed Donald Trump to the Tonight Show in New York City.

On Tuesday, January 12, President Obama gave his final State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. with numerous candidates for office in attendance. He then set out for Omaha, Neb. on Wednesday and Baton Rouge, La. on Thursday to hold town hall meetings and welcome Edwards into office. Franklin Graham tracked his Decision America 2016 tour through Tallahassee, Fla. and then landed in the new center of the universe on Wednesday for a noon prayer rally at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol. During his remarks, Graham suggested that voters be careful of the “few snakes” running for president.

Thursday, President Obama arrived at McKinley High School just a few blocks away to hold a town hall meeting after his last State of the Union speech. He was quite compelling and inspirational, encouraging students to engage in changing the world. By nightfall, Republican candidates debated how best to run the country, pleading for your vote in Charleston, S.C.

Before the week ended on Sunday, Democrats had also found their way to Charleston, S.C. to debate. Do you see a trend here? Fuel prices are dropping like a rock, as presidential and prayer campaigns pile up the miles. The parade continues next week, as the focus shifts back to New Hampshire and Iowa prior to the first actual votes being cast in February.

The media blitz follows along, creating an enormous traveling salesman problem that no computer can solve. Route efficiency has long left this parade. Does anyone have a plane, train, bus, or automobile I can borrow?

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