Power and politics: America is a liberal nation

tsj column writers - power and politicsBy Zachary Toillion

The American electorate is fundamentally liberal. Solid majorities support liberal positions almost across the board, even if Congress is decidedly more conservative.

Polls taken this month shows 61 percent support for same sex marriage, has a margin of 16 points. 53 percent of the public supports legalizing recreational marijuana, a 10 percent margin. 58 percent oppose so called “religious freedom” bills comparable to the one passed in Indiana.

Polling from last year indicates 64 percent of voters want more severe restrictions on companies producing carbon emissions. 72 percent of Americans are pro-choice according to polling taken just last month. In that same month, 56 percent of respondents also supported a plan for undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship. Bill Clinton has the highest favorability rating of any living president. Hillary Clinton has the highest favorability rating of all the 2016 candidates.

Some 60 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s choice establishing diplomatic recognition of Cuba. 70 percent support the Democratic plan to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. 53 percent of Americans approve of labor unions, a key institution to the Democratic Party. A plurality, 49 percent believe “Government aid to the poor does more good than harm because people can’t get out of poverty until their basic needs are met.” 65 percent of Americans think corporations are paying too little in taxes. 59 percent of Americans back the framework of the recent negotiations with Iran. 92 percent support requiring universal background checks on all gun buyers, and 51 percent of Americans are against cuts to Social Security. Most of these positions are to the philosophical left of the Obama administration, and nearly all are completely against all the positions of the 2016 Republican candidates.

Since 1992, Democrats have won Presidential elections by a margin of nearly 5 percent on average, and have won the popular vote in every single election since then with the exception of 2004. The last time a Democrat got less than 200 electoral votes was 1988.

Republicans win in low turnout elections because they have a more energized base, but make no mistake, America is a liberal nation.


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