Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance announces “Close the Door” campaign

NASHVILLE (press release)—“Close the Door!” That is what Gary West, State Fire Marshal, is telling Tennesseans in an effort to save more lives if a fire should occur.

“A door is one of the best pieces of firefighting and lifesaving equipment,” said Gary West. “If you leave a room that is on fire simply closing the door behind you can be the best decision you make.”

Closing the door reduces fire growth and spread, limits damage to your home and could possibly save lives. A closed door can not only hinder flames and smoke from spreading to other rooms but it also helps deprive a fire of oxygen, smoldering the fire. It is a good idea to sleep with your bedroom door closed as well. The act of closing the door can provide time for you and your loved ones to escape and help control the fire.

For more information on the “Close the Door” campaign, contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office at 615-532-5847 or visit www.tn.gov/fire for more fire prevention tips.

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