The Lost Sea in Sweetwater

ZZ Craighead Caverns at the lost sea

Craighead Cavern/photo submitted

SWEETWATER (press release)—Just down the road in Sweetwater, Tennessee is an amazing creature of nature, The Lost Sea.

Thirteen-year-old Ben Sands discovered the underground lake in 1905. In June 1965, The Lost Sea became a public attraction bringing Monroe County and Tennessee notoriety from all over the world.

The full extent of The Lost Sea is still unknown despite the efforts of teams of divers armed with modern exploration equipment. The visible portion of the lake is 800 feet long by 220 feet wide. Boats powered by electric motors carry visitors onto the lake, which is stocked with some of the largest rainbow trout in North America.

Beneath the calm waters of the 4.5-acre lake, divers have discovered an even larger series of rooms filled with water. More than 13 acres of water have been mapped so far. More than 150,000 visitors come to The Lost Sea each year. Even TV stars come to the attraction, including Larry the Cable Guy and Kirk Cameron, in recent years.

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