The end of an era?

Peyton Manning/photo submitted

Peyton Manning/photo submitted

By Kayla D. Putman

Is the era of Peyton Manning coming to a close?

At 39 years old, Manning is currently the oldest starting quarterback in the league. Although he has repeatedly insisted that he never makes definitive decisions about his future until after March physicals, it is natural to assume, especially in light of injuries sustained in November against the Kansas City Chiefs, that he will walk away now that he has one final chance at a playoff run. “I’d be lying to say I’ve never thought about it …” Manning conceded Thursday to NFL’s Chris Wesseling. “But I am excited to think about how we’re going to play next weekend … as far as anything beyond that, there will be a time and a place for that.”

Manning, the NFL’s only five-time MVP and 13-time pro-bowl selection, has made waves in football history, standing alone as an active leader in many statistical passing categories. Manning has set record after record from his time in high school in Louisiana, career with the University of Tennessee Volunteers, first round draft pick onto the Indianapolis Colts, to a record setting tenure with the Denver Broncos.

Manning reflected on his career during his interview with NFL writer Wessling by saying, “I’ve always told y’all I’ll never write a book … I could write a pretty good short story, though … but right now, it’s fun to be able to focus on the now.”

We will be looking forward to post-season for a definitive answer from Manning and for, in true Peyton Manning fashion, a potentially record-breaking performance in Sunday’s game against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.


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