DentaQuest announces year-one successes in management of Tennessee’s Medicaid Dental Program

33. Dentaquest LogoNASHVILLE (press release)—DentaQuest reached or exceeded all benchmarks required by the state of Tennessee during its first year as the Medicaid managed care dental program manager according to newly available data from TennCare. DentaQuest’s statewide network of 869 dentists ensures that the roughly 750,000 Tennessee children eligible for dental benefits receive the highest possible quality of care.

Dedicated to remaining transparent and accountable in its oversight of the program, DentaQuest today released a Report for the Community including findings from TennCare’s November, 2014 analysis of the network. Highlights from the Report include:

One dentist for every 857 members – exceeds Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommended ratio of 1 provider for every 1,500 patients, 90 percent trending dental screening percentage (dsp), surpassing the state’s requirement of 80 percent, 11 days, 21 hours and 10 minutes, the amount of time, on average, that passed between the scheduling of an appointment and a member being seen by a provider for routine, urgent care and emergency appointments, 3.4 miles – the average distance members are located from the closest DentaQuest dentist.

“We’ve managed to increase member participation, while significantly reducing program costs” said Steven Brady, Tennessee project director for DentaQuest. “Our successful running of the TennCare dental program was achieved by ensuring members received the right care at the right time and in the right amount.”

DentaQuest was tasked with creating and managing a dental program satisfying the needs of members, the state and dentists after being awarded the TennCare contract and beginning delivery of services on October 1, 2014, and developed a high value network from the ground up focused on access, quality and efficiency.

“The importance of establishing good oral health early in life often goes overlooked despite serving as a foundation for lifelong overall wellness,” said Dr. Brent Martin, DentaQuest’s Tennessee dental director. “At its core, our goal in taking over management of the TennCare program was to make it easy for patients to visit the dentist and to keep their smiles healthy. We’re proud to say we’ve achieved and transcended that target.”

Copies of the Report for the Community are available by request. Please visit to download a digital version of the full report and for more information.

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