Made in Tennessee campaign

1405611891000-made-in-tennesseeNASHVILLE (press release)—The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development and VML evaluated and measured the awareness of the “Made in Tennessee” brand campaign in Tennessee’s growth and core markets following the 2014 summer and fall media flights. Bulleted below are key findings from the survey.

Positive reaction to the TV spots:

◦Experiences – 94%

◦Family – 92%

◦Beauty – 91%

◦Music – 88%

What is Tennessee best known for?

◦62% Music

◦21% Scenery

◦17% Other (Family fun, History, Food)

Perceptions about Tennessee, specifically music qualities:

◦75% Heritage rooted in music

◦73% Vibrant music scene

◦69% Global music destination for music

The full report can be found on

Vision and Brand Promise

The results from the summer and fall “Made in Tennessee” campaign effectiveness survey have validated and reinforced the Tennessee Tourism Vision:

To be the global music destination of choice; an authentic American experience rooted in blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, soul and rock ‘n’ roll at the crossroads of American history and renowned scenic beauty.

To further deliver on the vision statement, the TDTD, in partnership with the marketing sub-committee and VML, have crafted and will be implementing the Tennessee Tourism Brand Promise and new “Made in Tennessee” brand mark.

“The promise of Tennessee – the birthplace of blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, soul and rock ‘n’ roll – is to be the global music destination of choice. To deliver an unparalleled experience of beauty, history and family adventure, infused with music that creates a vacation that is the Soundtrack of America. Made in Tennessee.”

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