Tennessee Sampler is waltzing into the windy city

NASHVILLE (press release)—Leveraging the state’s new “Made in Tennessee” branding campaign, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (TDTD) and our tourism industry partners will bring the Tennessee message April 13-16, 2015 to Chicago.

PR and sales teams will conduct meetings throughout the Chicago region culminating in the “Made in Tennessee Showcase” on Thursday evening, April 16. The Chicago market scored very high marks on engagement rates in the results of TDTD’s summer marketing co-op/digital “One Minute Tennessee Vacations” campaign, as well as the most recent analytics from TDTD’s digital marketing efforts.

Tennessee PR and Sales teams will have the option to fly into Chicago, then hub-and-spoke for client appointments, or drive to Chicago, scheduling meetings along the way, and canvasing markets like St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. As in past Tennessee Sampler missions, meetings may be held with AAA offices, travel agencies, corporate meeting planners, tour operators, major publications, journalists, social media influencers, and freelance writers.

For more information regarding the Made in Tennessee Chicago Sampler, sales partners contact Bennjin Lao: Bennjin.lao@tn.gov; PR partners contact Cindy Dupree: cindy.dupree@tn.gov.

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