A town called Santa Claus

Imagine living in a town where Christmas is celebrated year-round. In Santa Claus, Indiana, as well as other towns with Christmas themed names, Christmas is a continual celebration where the spirit of the holiday season is embraced all year long.

Santa Claus is a small town of 2,500 that acquired its name by accident. The town was established in 1854 as “Santa Fe,” but had its request to establish a post office denied given there already was a town with that name. From that serendipitous moment, they reconvened and “Santa Claus” was ultimately chosen. They’ve been working for well over 100 years to do right by their namesake and celebrate Christmas year-round.

Santa Claus is more than just a town name. Every street name was carefully chosen to have some sort of hint of Christmas in it. There are streets aptly named Reindeer Circle, Prancer Drive, Ornament East and Rudolph Lane. Every business in town has Christmas-related names as well. Visitors can visit Santa’s Candy Castle to satisfy a sweet tooth, have a cup of coffee and listen to music at Silent Night Cafe or even grab dinner with the family at Frosty’s Fun Center.

Beyond the phenomenally decorated homes of Christmas Lake Village and large Santa Claus statues that outwardly show cheer, the people seem to carry within them the spirit of Christmas. This is illustrated by a group of volunteers who call themselves “Santa’s Elves” who have replied to every single letter sent to “Santa Claus” since 1914. The town gets thousands of them from around the world.

There are numerous other towns across the nation that share Christmas-related names. Another noted township is North Pole, Alaska.

The naming of this northern town was no accident. The town was originally named Davis Homestead, but city elders changed it 1952 in hopes of enticing toy manufacturers to the area. They hoped that toy manufacturers would come for “Made in North Pole” bragging rights despite the geographical inconvenience. No companies came for the manufacturing rights, but a holiday tradition was born from this bold renaming measure.

The North Pole’s claim to fame is its responsibility regarding children’s letters to Santa. Every year, North Pole middle and high school students respond to letters that pour in from around the world.

In addition to Santa Claus and North Pole, there are numerous other towns across the nation that bear holiday themed names. Among them are Christmas, Florida; Holiday, Florida; Noel, Missouri; Santa Claus, Georgia; Saint Nicholas, Michigan; Mistletoe, Kentucky; Garland, North Carolina; Holly, Washington; Evergreen, Alabama ; Jolly, Texas ; Elf, North Carolina; Snow, Utah; Bell, California ; Reindeer, Missouri ; Rudolph, Wisconsin ; Come, Ohio ; Star, Virginia; Wiseman, Alaska ; Shepherd, Illinois; Nazareth, Pennsylvania ; Bethlehem, New York ; Snowflake, Arizona;  Gift, Tennessee ; Christiana, Tennessee and Christmasville, Tennessee.

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